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Short Version:

"A love letter to the music of the 90s that stands with the best of the decade."- Americana-UK

"A dozen gems." -City

"If you, like me, are a fan of mid 90’s alternative rock that wore its allegiance to Neil Young right on its sleeve for all to see and more importantly hear, then Crow Got Drunk is the album for you. I’m talking about bands like The Lemonheads, Soul Asylum, early Wilco and The Old 97s to name just a few. You’ll hear traces of all of these and then some throughout Crow Got Drunk." -Full Time Aesthetic

Nick Cory Young writes and performs indie rock with a touch of twang, sounding like a cross between vintage Wilco, Old 97s & R.E.M.


Medium Version:

"Crow Got Drunk" by Rochester, NY based musician Nick Cory Young (formerly Nick Young) is both a love letter to 90's alternative rock/alternative country and a tribute to his maternal grandfather George Taylor, the greatest storyteller he ever knew. Recorded, mixed and produced by Dan McLoughlin (Dinosaur Jr, The Push Stars, Weezer) in Hoboken, NJ in just 6 days in March, 2022, the album features 12 songs inspired by Young's love of bands like Old 97s (whose singer Rhett Miller appears on the song "Backwards"), The Lemonheads, R.E.M., The Replacements and Uncle Tupelo. The album was released on 8/19/22 on Young's own Youth Dew Records.


Long Version:

I've written every one of my official press bios these past 15 years in the 3rd person (made me look like I could afford a publicist) but I'm gonna go 1st person for this one. Deal? Deal. I've also been known professionally by my (real) name "Nick Young" for my entire career up until this point, but from now on, I'm "Nick Cory Young" (also my real name). Why? Well, algorithms, mostly. "Nick Young" is an exceedingly common name and as streaming took over the music industry, I was suddenly competing with up to 5 other "Nick Youngs" at once. My music was constantly being mixed with the other "Nicks" and my Google results were always dominated by former NBA star "Nick Young" (I could totally beat him in one on one, though) so I decided to add my middle name "Cory" to my professional name. So, um, there you have it. Ta-da.

Anyway, since my last album (2013's "South Lima"), I became a stay at home father to two sons, a booking agent and manager for other artists and lived through the ongoing pandemic. I've had a lot of ups and a lot of downs. I never stopped playing shows, though any extensive touring mostly came to a halt. I also never stopped writing songs and my new record "Crow Got Drunk" is a reflection of my life these past 9 years, with a spotlight on the last 3 years in particular.

Obviously, these past few years have been difficult for everyone, with many experiencing unspeakable sorrow. They've definitely been the hardest of my 44 years on the planet and while the lyrics on this album tend toward the melancholy, I think the generally joyful melodies and performances balance it all out. My favorite songs have almost always toed this line: sad lyrics/happy music. I suppose it's a reflection of who I am as a person and of how we all have an "outside self" and an "inside self". Or maybe it's just rock and roll and you should turn it up loud and enjoy it. Or not. That's cool, too.

My new album "Crow Got Drunk" is both a love letter to 90's alternative rock/alternative country and a tribute to my maternal grandfather George Taylor, the best storyteller I've ever known. The title is a reference to a story he used to tell my siblings and I as children (please don't tell the ASPCA). As for the 90's alternative rock, it's what made me pick up an old classical acoustic guitar and become a musician in the first place. First there was Nirvana, of course, then R.E.M., Pearl Jam, Lemonheads, Weezer, Soul Asylum, Fountains Of Wayne, the list goes on and on (and on). Eventually, in the mid 90's, I stumbled upon "alternative country" music like Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, Wilco, The Jayhawks and Old 97s (FUN FACT: Old 97s' singer Rhett Miller sings harmonies on the album track "Backwards"!!). This genre informed most of my early attempts at songwriting but the catchy melodies and power pop guitars of my teenage years always seemed to permeate through my roots rock inclinations.

Another hugely influential band for me was Boston's The Push Stars. I first heard them in late 1997 and was an instant fan. The songwriting and overall sound were more akin to bands like Lemonheads and Buffalo Tom (also Boston based) to my ears and luckily for me, they made frequent tour stops in my adopted hometown of Rochester, NY. Slowly but surely, I went from fan to friend with the group and without a doubt, the band's three members (Chris Trapper, Dan McLoughlin & Ryan MacMillan) are the fundamental reason I'm in this business today. Dan produced my first full length album with my old band Burning Daylight in 2007 and Chris was gracious enough to allow me to tour with him as his support act on countless shows throughout the country as he embarked on his solo career starting around 2005. Ryan has always been my dream drummer for one of my albums and is also one of the funniest people I've ever known, and the kindest. This is all to say that through some serendipity, luck and exquisite timing, I was able to get The Push Stars (Dan on bass and keys, Ryan on drums) as my band for my record plus newly minted Push Star and acclaimed multi-instrumentalist Matt Beck (Rosanne Cash, Rob Thomas, Rod Stewart) joined us in the studio as well. Chris even contributed his harmonies to the song "Simple See You Later" to complete the circle. And there you have it, I made a new album and I'm super excited and proud of it and I think you'll really dig it. Or not. That's cool, too.